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Jan 10, 2020

When you get the chance to speak with a world-class athlete like Prince Amukamara, you take it! What made the opportunity especially good for me is that Prince is not only an amazing football player (I’m quite a football fan myself), he’s also a fellow real estate investor and a brother in Christ. All of that, wrapped into one person makes for a fun conversation.

You’ll hear Prince describe how he got into investing as he entered the NFL and how he knew absolutely nothing about it at first. He walks through his journey to bigger and bigger deals and the WHY behind his investments. He also tells us how his faith in Christ sustains and motivates him, why mindset is such a huge part of every success, and more. Don’t miss it.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:37] Getting to know Prince Amukamara - NFL player and all around champion
  • [2:24] Why Prince chose real estate investing out of all the options available
  • [7:05] They typical investment path of the average NFL player
  • [11:50] Prince’s real estate investment plans for the next 5 to 10 years
  • [23:46] The primary motivations in Prince’s life day to day
  • [32:03] What it takes to have the right kind of mindset to play in the NFL
  • [38:55] Identity is the issue - no matter who you are

NFL is jokingly said to mean “Not For Long” - but Prince has broken that rule of thumb

Prince Amukamara is one of the rare individuals who has made it long-term in the NFL. He started out with the New York Giants, was traded to the Jacksonville Jaguars, and now plays for the Chicago Bears as a star Cornerback. He was an All-American coming out of college at Nebraska and has learned how to go the distance.

He was drafted by the Giants in 2011. Do the math and you’ll see that 9 years later, he’s still seemingly at the top of his game. What makes it even more amazing is that Prince was an offensive player coming out of high school and his college coach switched him to defense, thinking he’d be able to use his talents there with greater effectiveness. That coach was right. If it wasn’t for that switch it could very well be that Prince wouldn’t still be in the NFL. Listen to hear Prince describe what it’s like to be a Rookie in the NFL, how he navigated the sudden riches and fame, and why he’s made it his ambition to invest wisely and work hard for as long as he can.

Prince had thousands of investment options, so why Real Estate?

I was very curious how and why Prince chose to get into real estate investing. His first contract with the Giants was for four years and worth $8.18 million. Many players in those shoes don’t invest at all, thinking they have all they will ever need - and others put their money into stocks and startup investing. Prince says that early on he did spend his time looking for the next big thing in the startup world, but a conversation with a close friend who was investing in real estate changed his direction. After one fix and flip that netted a good profit, Prince was hooked.

Listen to hear Prince describe his REI philosophy at this point and why he’s committed to wisely growing his dollars. Our conversation on the subject transitions into how real estate investing got into his blood and why he sees it as a limitless field of opportunity for those who are willing to learn and work hard.

Motivation in life isn’t a matter of what you feel, it’s a matter of what you believe

Too many people sit around waiting for motivation to come to them. Life doesn’t happen that way. The best way to get motivated is to take action - that action creates results - those results create enthusiasm - and as a result you have no problem getting motivated. Prince says that his willingness to work hard comes from knowing that it’s the price he needs to pay if he’s going to attain his goals. That’s the case in real estate investing and in his home life. 

During our conversation he shares a number of examples where he’s had to set his mind in a determined place and press forward, even when it was not easy to do. You’ll hear him talk about the situations he’s faced in his business pursuits, challenges he’s had to deal with on and off the field in the NFL, and how the real and most important battles he fights are for the sake of his family.

Identity is never, ever found in what you do or the things you accomplish

The world we live in places far too much emphasis on the things we do and the achievements we accomplish. No matter how successful you are - you’ll always find yourself in a bankrupt place if you don’t get your sense of self/identity from something with a more firm foundation than that. 

Both Prince and I are followers of Jesus Christ and we know from first-hand experience how Jesus changes everything. True fulfillment and meaning come from knowing Him personally, from committing yourself to follow His plan for your life. When you do, you’re walking in step with the plans the King of the universe has for your life - which are always designed for your ultimate good. Listen to hear how Prince describes the role Jesus plays in his life, on this episode.

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