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Nov 23, 2019

Every human being on the planet wants to feel personally fulfilled and it’s all too common for people to turn to their career or work to find it. But nobody finds fulfillment in temporary things. Matt was invited to be a guest on the Real Estate Disruptors podcast recently and shared how his journey has taught him that truth. Only when he found a relationship with God did he come to know the true source of personal fulfillment. Join Matt and podcast host Steve Trang for this great conversation.

Starting a real estate investing career out of necessity

Matt says that his start in real estate came out of necessity. He had to find a way to make ends meet and got into brokering and conventional real estate. But after presiding over a number of deals as an agent where investors were receiving big checks for the properties they were wholesaling, he knew he had to figure out how to get on that side of the table. But he didn’t have a family fortune or large sums of cash to get started, so what could he do? Listen to hear how Matt worked his way forward step at a time and how he overcame his hesitancy to get started in wholesaling, on this episode.

Identity and significance don’t come from things

How many investors do you know who talk about themselves AS investors - like it’s the core of their personal identity? It’s pretty common, but isn’t a reliable place to find your identity. That’s because if your performance as an investor falls off for some reason, your identity goes with it. On this episode, Matt speaks about the importance of building an eternal perspective, one that leans on the Lord as the one who provides strength and peace for living. When you source your identity from the One Who made you, you are able to live out of who you truly are.

A sharp mind is the greatest tool you have

Personal development is one of the non-negotiables for Matt and for anyone who works for him. He’s constantly reading books and passing them to his team members. He believes that developing a sharp mind has a ripple effect, enabling you to be sharp in your work and in the interactions you have with the people in your life. He always wants to be learning, growing, and becoming a better version of who God has made him to be.

Work to keep your life in balance

While a sharp mind is important, it’s also vital to not let other areas of life slip. Matt gives the example of how he was the heaviest he’s ever been just a few months before this recording. When he realized that he was working to keep his mind sharp but was letting his physical fitness go, he saw an inconsistency. What good is a sharp mind and thriving business if he doesn’t have his health? So he’s working to stay balanced, to ensure that all the areas of his life are moving forward together.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:15] How Matt got into real estate investing - it was a necessity
  • [7:30] Going back to what he felt safe doing (and avoiding wholesaling)
  • [10:01] The first wholesale deal - and never looking back
  • [12:15] Advice for those who get stuck analyzing and never take action
  • [16:35] Overcoming failures one at a time
  • [23:42] How Matt’s organization looks today
  • [25:04] How Matt finds the people who work for him
  • [27:44] Coming to a place of peace and joy instead of stress and driving toward success
  • [34:15] The personal development track Matt encourages for his team
  • [39:34] Marketing and overhead expenses each month
  • [43:13] Daily habits and how they fuel work and success
  • [46:01] How many deals a month before you should hire?

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