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Feb 14, 2020

One of the interesting things about being a human being is that each of us is unique, and with that, each of us has our own unique version of negative beliefs—about our lives, about our abilities, about ourselves. I’ve got my own version. So do you. For me, they manifest as a negative voice in my head, one I have a name for it that I’ll share with you a bit later on. But for now, just know this, I’m learning that the negative beliefs can be overcome, but not easily. It takes committed hard work on physical, spiritual, and mental levels and I’m about 6 days into that 75-day journey.

Why 75 days? Because that’s the duration of a new program I’ve begun that is helping me to recognize my negative beliefs, come against them in a tangible, physical way, and use that practical step to come against them in my mind and heart. In the end, I’ll be more like my Savior, Jesus Christ and in the end, I’ll be more who He’s created me to be. Join me for this episode to hear the details.

Did you know that high performer David Goggins says he feels like s#!t most of the time?

What got me thinking about these things—and the 75-day challenge I mentioned— is an experience I had recently at a mastermind group I attend. One of the advantages of a high-level mastermind like this one is that they bring in world-class people to talk about their experience and give advice. This past one featured David Goggins, former Navy SEAL and a guy often referred to as the toughest man alive. 

David said a few things that got me on this track of overcoming my own negative beliefs. First, he said that he’s come to recognize that he has two voices inside his head at all times. He calls them the “real me” and the “created me.” As a Christ-follower, I see it as the voice of my Savior and what I call my “bitch voice.” You can tell from those names which is the positive voice and which is the negative one. David says that he’s fighting his “created me” voice all the time. Me too. My bitch voice won’t shut up. But this 75-day challenge I’m on is going to help me take it down a notch or two. Listen to hear more.

Begin to notice your own personal thought patterns

Listening to David Goggins describe his own inner struggle made me aware of something—if you’re not aware of your own personal thought patterns you won’t be able to fight the battle that matters most, the one going on inside. So take stock, pay attention the next time you start to do something that’s hard for you. What are the voices you hear? What are the particular things your negative beliefs say to you?

When you notice this you’ll be able to identify what you need to come against, which means you’ll need to go on the hunt to find truth-based resources that can help you combat those negative beliefs you hear. In this episode, I share one of my favorite resources, a YouTube channel I listen to often as I’m working out or prepping for my day. I hope you’ll find it helpful as well.

The most important conversation you have is the one you have with yourself

The negative beliefs we have always come against our sense of self-confidence. They tell us lies about who we are and what we are capable of accomplishing. But the self-confidence we need comes from two places: (1) Knowing and believing who Jesus says we are, and (2) by keeping the promises you make to yourself. This simple shift in your thoughts could change everything. How far are you willing to go to be a person of integrity who does what you promise yourself you will do?

This isn’t about proving anything to anyone else. It’s about proving to yourself that you will accomplish what you set your mind to accomplish. It’s a matter of being the person you aspire to be, the person Christ made you to be. It’s putting action behind your desires to become in reality what He’s put in your heart. 

What gets you to the finish line is accountability and consistency

Here’s the hard truth I’ve come face to face in this 75-day challenge: The moment when you don’t want to be doing something is exactly the moment when you need to be doing it. Let me say that to you again…

The moment when you don’t want to be doing something is exactly the moment when you need to be doing it.

Practically, that means the 3 to 5 seconds between the negative belief or negative voice speaking into your mind and the moment you take action or don’t take action are vital seconds. You’ve got to win that battle and move in the right direction. In this episode, I talk a bit about what gets you through those moments—accountability and consistency. Listen to learn with me and to apply what I’m sharing to your own situation and experience. It’s time for us to kill the negative beliefs, guys.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:23] My recent experience at my mastermind group and why investing in myself is important
  • [2:45] David Goggins: toughest man alive had to push himself to get to this place
  • [11:40] How to you stay motivated in business and in personal things?
  • [15:01] Why motivation is “bulls#!t”
  • [18:18] You can create a personal system that brings you closer to God and your goals
  • [19:40] How Kobe Bryant’s death figured into my thoughts about this issue

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